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Local Service Projects


UNESCO Peace Camp

16th November 2019

Following up on a project from 2018, we participated in the Peace Camp with Hong Kong Youth.

Rotary Career Connect

22nd October 2019

  • Calling on the strong management expertise of our members in different fields of work, IPP Donna piloted a Career Connect Forum where members in senior management positions shared their journey, philosophy, frustrations, happy moments and experience with younger Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors. The event was well attended by approx. 35 members and guests from RC HK, RC Queensway, RC Smart HK, RC Admiralty, Rotaract Club of HK and Rotary Community Corp Queensway, followed by a great celebration dinner at a local Dah Pai Dong.

Rotaract and Interact Youth Meeting

18th October 2019

We held our first Youth Meeting with the Rotaractor Club of HKU, the Rotaractor Club of HK, the Interact Club of St. Joseph’s College and the Interact Club of St. Paul’s College where we discussed their annual plans, co-operation among themselves and with their mother club, RCOHK.

Donation of Used Furniture to Salvation Army

(September 2019)

When PP Kelvin Mui was made aware that a (un-named) corporate was intending to replace their 75 executive chairs, he liaised with the officer in-charge and convinced the Management to donate those chairs for community recirculating use, instead of trading off with the chair supplier.

Eventually we were successfully granted the permission to donate those chairs to our long term partner, The Salvation Army, so that they could make use of it to get funding by selling to other people in need, to continually support the community.

A total of 75 high quality and well condition executive chairs were collected for charity sales.

Medical Visits to the Elderly

(28th August 2019)

Our Rotarian Dr. Ankie Mak continues our pledge to make healthcare visits and provide free doctor consultation to our senior friends in their Elderly Homes.

Career Talks

(30th April 2019)

PP Kelvin in career talk at Fukien Secondary School on 30 April 2019

Preserve Planet Earth Tree Repair Day 27th April 2019

P Donna leads our Rotaractors of HK and HKU during the District Tree Repair Day at Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

Youth Committee Meeting 29th March 2019

PP Kelvin and Youth Services Director Ankie at the Youth Committee Meeting with our Rotaract Clubs on 29th March 2019 at HKU, supporting and inspiring our second generation of Rotarians !

Project "Art Therapy Training - Learning to help dementia elders"

A joint project between Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Rotary Club of HKU: First Session on 27th February 2019

Sponsorship and Participation at the UNESCO 7th Peacemaker’s Cultural Celebration

23 - 24th February of 2019

Installation of Steel Rats and Mosquito Screens for

  • The Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Elderly Center

Medical Visits to Elder Care Home with

The Rotaract Club of HKU, 2019

Introducing Art Therapy for Dementia Elderly

Joint Project by the Rotaract Club of Hong Kong and The Salvation Army 11th January, 2019

Joint Club Service with Rotaract Club of HK

Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre on 17th November, 2018

"Start Up" Sharing

Rotaract Club HKU on 15th November, 2018

Youth Services

The 1st Youth Meeting of the Rotary Year 2018-19 held on 26th October at the University of Hong Kong with representatives from our six Rotaract and Interact Clubs and our Rtn. Priscilla, Ankie,Seishu, Thiru and Maurizio.

RCOHK participates in UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre Leadership Program

Salvation Army Homeless Boys Culture Sharing 27th April, 2018

Follow up on Club’s Baby Trees dated 1st May, 2018

Drone Competition Day 17th April, 2018 ( join force with RCO Tai Po Toloharbour )

Salvation Army Elderly Day Centre Party 24th Feb, 2018

Supporting Hong Kong Disable Artists

Refurbishment of Salvation Army Elderly Day Care Centre

Work completed on 14th December 2017

HKU Rotaract CSR workshop on 17th November, 2017

Project "Run for Peace" on 10th September, 2017

Tree Planting on 20th August, 2017 – Total 256 Baby Trees

Rotaract Club HKU

Thinking Out of the Box for Business Opportunity Oct 2016

WWF - Coastal Watch - September 2016

Project "Good Food, Good Kitchen"

The HK Anglican Church Welfare Council for Underprivileged Families – April, 2016

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