Club Meeting on 10 April 2012

Post date: 05-Apr-2012 10:06:56

Date & Time: Tuesday, 10 April 2012, 1pm-2pm

(Registration starts at 12.45pm)

Place: The Hong Kong Bankers Club

43/F Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

“When your muscles hurt? Are your internal organs causing it?

Ways out of pain and into more life energy”

By Richard Wickes

Chief Manual Therapist

About Richard Wickes and his talk

Richard qualified in Germany as a state registered Clinical Massage Physical Therapist after 3 years of training and then as a Holistic therapist. After working in a state clinic and in private practice in Germany he moved to Hong Kong in 2008. Richard has 16 years of experience with working with the Body professionally as a Kung Fu “master” and as a therapist. Richard is certified in “Osteopathic Fascia Release” with specific training in Visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute for liquid Osteopathy, and the Institute for Holistic Health Care in Hong Kong.

Recently Richard was working in Shanghai as a consultant to Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, where he developed a deeper understanding in the relationship of internal organs to joint and back pain. Richard specializes in Soft Tissue Osteopathic Techniques. This means applying a gentle, safe, hands-on technique, in returning the structural integrity of the body. These techniques customised according to the patients needs

Pain is a robber of energy, joy and life. Recent research shows that much pain is caused by tension in connective tissue around internal organs. The talk will explain the cause of this tension and also ways to reduce it. Case studies will show how this method has helped many people.


Guests and Visiting Rotarians are always most welcome at our weekly luncheons.

(Please register online in advance)

Lunch Cost : HK$300 (by cash) / HK$310 (by credit card)

to be collected at the door