Local Service Projects


Charity Movie: Lost Love 流水落花

(13th May 2023)

RCOHK, Rotary Club Innovation HK and OneSEN jointly organized a day out for SEN parents and children to enjoy a movie by Director Ka Sing-fung telling the heartrending journey of a woman whose life is forever changed by the children she takes in as a temporary foster carer. In a career-best performance, Sammi Cheng stars as Mei, a woman trying to get over the death of her young son through the children she welcomes into her home. Each child offers Mei a different challenge and a newfound appreciation for the difficulties of motherhood.

Sammi Cheng was awarded the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress and also the Hong Kong Film Critics Association's Best Actress.

The event was graced by the Director’s presence who gave a short talk on his passion for the movie that touched the hearts of all those present.

Charity Easter Pop Up at Lee Tung Avenue

(7th April to 10th April 2023)

Our Club was invited by the Lee Tung Avenue Management to participate in their Charity Easter Pop Up and be the principal recipient of charity proceeds from the sales stalls to further our work in services to the Hong Kong Community.

Led by our Rtn Kelvin Li and supported by our Rotaracts, we held the popular Easter Eggs Workshop for children. The event proved to be a great success and enhanced the positive image of Rotary within the Wanchai District.

Rotary Debate Tournament for Secondary Schools

(February 2023)

Our Club, with the assistance of RC Peninsular East and RC Kowloon West, organized the Rotary Debate Tournament for Secondary Schools to give opportunities to the students to enhance their analytical and debating skills on the 7 Core Values promoted by Rotary. Thirty two elite student teams participated in a two rounds debate to win the awards. A total of over ten members from the Clubs formed the judging panel.

The Clearbot Project


Rotary International’s Area of Focuses are clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education - the basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life. To this background, Rotary Club of Hong Kong is committed to advocating environmental protection awareness and taking part actively to a green Hong Kong.

Our principal aim is to focus on clean water for an environmental-friendly ocean. Therefore, in 2021, we called for proposals for attaining visible, feasible and deliverable results of reduction of ocean waste. The total funding of the successful PPE project is HK$300,000.00 to be allocated by RCOHK in 3 consecutive years. The successful project needs to:

1. Create an educational impact to HK Community;

2. Promote environmental awareness to HK Community; and

3. Be innovative the approach to address ocean waste.

As a result, Clearbot, a HKU startup team, was awarded the funding to take up the challenge.

Apart from the approach to clean ocean waste, Clearbot will also be an ambassador to create educational impact to promote environmental awareness to the HK Community.

Rotary Club of Hong Kong is committed to support developing solutions for a green Hong Kong under the Preserve Planet Earth ( PPE ) project Fund. We have been mentoring the Clearbot team since they were awarded sponsorship and is confident that they will meet up to the challenge.

The “rubbish eater” runs on electricity supplemented by solar power, incorporates Global Positioning System and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to identify ocean waste and track them down. Since the award from RCOHK, Clearbot also received support from Razer, Sino Group and Jumpstarter by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.

The Project was awarded Silver Award of Club Service Project of the Year by District 3450 in 2022.

Help Fight the Covid 19 Pandemic

February 2022

Our Club carried out a series of services to help in our Society’s fight against the latest surge of the covid19 pandemic. These included participation by our President, Dr. Ankie, helping to inject vaccine shots to the community and provision of relief packs consisting of fever relieving medicine, health supplements and self-testing packs etc. through our long term service partner J-Life to underprivileged people in Shamshuipo, one of the hardest hit districts in Hong Kong 

Colour your Life Program

Led by our Youth Services Director, Rtn. Elsie Yung, the Youth Services Committee hosted the “Colour your Life” program starting from April 2021. The purpose of the program is to train low-income workers’ women on learning the hand-made leather goods making skills, as to enhance their capabilities to achieve and elevate their confidence over the leather making journey.

The program also facilitated the Community based Rotaractors to be trained as trainers so they would succeed the value of services and develop their leadership skills at the same time.

Mid-Autumn Festival Greetings

21st September 2021

We delivered Mid-autumn greetings to under privileged families in Sham Shui Po by offering complimentary moon cakes. May more families share in the festive joy.

English Language Tutorial for DSE students

2nd September 2021

In partnership with J Life, we sponsored a one-year English language tutorial program by professional tutors to 14 under privileged DSE students in Sham Shui Po. We hope the program will be able to help them in their DSE exams in 2022, paving a better start for their career in life.

Zero to Hero: the Movie

28th August 2021

We hosted a charity show for 60 under privileged children to see the encouragement film “Zero to Hero” at the MCL Cheung Sha Wan Cinema. The film was about the story of how So Wah Wai, the disabled athletic, overcame all difficulties to win a gold medal at the Paralympics.  32 members and guests paid and joined the event.

Art Therapy for Dementia Elders

6th October 2021

Our Art Therapy for Dementia project continued into its third year in 2021. This year we extended it to the Kowloon Tong Elderly Home and was joined by Rotarian Elijah from RC Queensway. Appreciate the beautiful sunflower drew by one of our elderly friends who is 100 years old!

We were also invited by the Tuen Mun Hospital to participate in their “Smart Dementia Week” to take up a slot to introduce our Art Therapy exercises for dementia elders to slow down their forgetfulness. We held an online Teaser Course with Service Director Irene and our Art Tutor Polly on 6th October. 87 Participants (including social workers, healthcare workers, caretakers and public participants) stayed with us for the 2 hours online course, with good interactions!

Co-Create Smart Park Challenge

5th June 2021


Rotary District 3450 joined hands with Cyberport to launch the Co-Create Smart Park Challenge targeting youngsters, particularly our rotaractors, to collaborate and develop ideas on how to transform our parks and living environment to become smarter and more livable using the latest IT technologies. The project was initiated by our PP Donna Buckland who brought the two parties together to realize it. Read more at https://topick.hket.com/article/2975533?r=cpstni

#multisector #collaboration #sustainability - for our future generation. 

Preserve Planet Earth Tree Planting Program (2020-2021)

1st May 2021

Our President Peter and his wife represented the Club to plant 50 trees (at $100/ tree) at the Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve on 1st May, Labour Day. A total of $5,000 were raised and donated to the District’s PPE Fund.

The Leadership Accreditation Program

Art Therapy Training and Service

10-24 April 2021

Our Service Projects continued cautiously during the epidemic period. This year we launched the Leadership Accreditation Program (LAP) with a special donation from PP Patrick Yeung. The program aims at developing the leadership abilities of youngsters by arranging appropriate activities and seminars for them with the help of teaching professionals. We kicked off the program with 14 youngsters participating in Art Therapy Training and Service for elders from 10th to 24th April. 

2021 Rotary Ultra marathon

21st March 2021

Our PP Kelvin Mui and PEN Priscilla Law led our rotaractors in the 2021 Rotary Ultra marathon held in the midst of the covid-19 in a special social distancing form.

Area 2 Joint Clubs Service Project with Impact HK

14 November 2020

Our Club donated 1,000 Fairwood Food Coupons at HK$20 each to the underprivileged to be distributed by Impact HK.

Meeting with Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, to discuss environmental issues in Hong Kong

10th October 2020

P Peter, PP Kelvin and Program Director Elsie Yung met with Mr. Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, and his colleagues to discuss and exchange ideas on environmental issues in Hong Kong. Rotary Club of Hong Kong has made been supporting Cleanbot, a start-up in Hong Kong that has been developing an auto-debris collecting machine that works in the harbour or near-shore areas to clean the sea from floating debris.

New School Year 2020 Computer Tablets Donation

Donation of computer tablets to SK H Kei Oi Primary School (“Kei Oi”)

14 September 2020

At 9:15am on 14 September 2020 at Kei Oi, PP Kelvin Mui, PE Ankie Mak, PEN Priscilla Law, Rtn Irene Tse and I had a simple presentation ceremony to Principal Chan of Kei Oi and three underprivileged families direct. 

We had donated additional 55 units of computer tablets and wi-fi devices to Kei Oi and J-Life Foundation subsequent to our last two batches of donation of computer tablets under the lead of PP Kelvin Mui and PE Ankie Mak.

On 4 September 2020, PP Kelvin Mui and PE Ankie Mak visited Kei Oi, a primary school with over 50 years history. It is learnt that 99% of the students of Kei Oi comes from under privilege families, some of whom have money barely enough for daily meal because of unemployment owing to the COVID-19. Kei Oi, like a welfare centre, has been supporting those families not only via collecting super market/cake shop coupons, but also providing free masks, food etc.

Kei Oi had applied Community Care Fund on tablets for facilitating e-class learning to students, yet prolonged application procedures can hardly meet strong demand. Kei Oi did receive 100 units of tablets from other organizations, however, most of the families have no wi-fi or internet connection at home to enable tablets function, thus, portable wi-fi devices are also required.

In view of the above situation, PP Kelvin Mui and PE Ankie Mak are so kind to initiate another round of our tablets donation activity, plus, wifi devices to Kei Oi and J Life Foundation, who help distribute wifi devices to the underprivileged families ,via funding from residues of your last donations and other generous parties.

We are glad to have a small talk with Principal Chan on in-depth understanding to the needs of the underprivileged today, not limited to COVID-19 but the overall condition.  We are all moved to the true enthusiasm of Principal Chan and his team to unselfishly assist all those in need, they take up additional administrative work and spend voluntarily lots of time

Glad to pass the tablets to the families in need direct!

Thank you PP Kelvin and PE Ankie for such touching act. We will continue to look for potential aids to the under privileged families like scholarship, online tutorial, etc., and definitely, your support is always important.

New School Year 2020 Computer Tablets Donation (the “Activity”)

28th August 2020

RCOHK completed a Computer Tablets Donation for the New School Year 2020. Altogether, RCOHK donated 305 pieces of computer tablets to students from under privileged families, among which, 205 pieces were donated to J Life Foundation who would distribute to students in needs at different schools, 55 pieces to Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School, 50 pieces to Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School, 25 pieces to Buddhist Chung Wah Kornhill Primary School and 25 pieces to Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College.

The Activity was initiated by Dr. Ankie Mak, President-Elect of RCOHK, when she learned about the need during the free cleaning service to 60 subdivided units in Sham Shui Po on 17 August 2020 and 18 August 2020. During the service, Ms Elli Fu, Founder & CEO of J Life told us that the underprivileged families have been suffering in all aspects of their lives during COVID-19, one of it being their children’s inability to undertake online courses which is now essential for their education upkeep.


RCOHK learnt that both Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School and J life had received requests of donation of computer tablets from students. As there was only less than two weeks to go to new school year 2020, RCOHK recognized its urgency, thus, immediately started a fund raising activity with the Rotarians within the Club which, in less than 48 hours, had achieved the target for the required 205 pieces of computer tablets be donated to the children of the subdivided units in Sham Shui Po. President Peter Lau fully supported the Activity via a 1 to 1 matching fund sponsor to the donation, he is the true hero to our Club.


Subsequently, the good virtue attracted another hero of our Club, Past President of Year 2008-2009 Patrick Lam. He had liaised with Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School, Buddhist Chung Wah Kornhill Primary School and Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College on donation of another 100 pieces of computer tablets.


Ankie Mak made home visits to the subdivided units during the free cleaning service. She witnessed, apart from poor living environment, children from the underprivileged families do not have adequate equipment for schooling. The new school year will start on 1 September, owing to the impact of COVID-19, applications like Zoom and google classrooms are required for online learning which posed computer device a priority. The lack of applicable device therefore depicts failure to attend school. In line with the advocacy of RCOHK on providing humanitarian services to the community, President Peter Lau expressed, “Education is always prominence to the next generation. We are unwilling to see some children “lose at the starting point”. “Our Club may not assist all those in need, what we wish is our action can arise more attention to the underprivileged groups and more will extend their helping hands”, he added. “We have succeeded in one small step, our PP Patrick Lam took immediate action on additional donations”

J Life Centre, 9:15am 28 August 2020


RCOHK Group photo with J Life. From the left : Lilian Liu (Honorary Treasurer, RCOHK), Kenneth Poon (Immediate Past President, RCOHK), Peter Lau (President, RCOHK), Ellis Fu (Founder of J Life), Dr. Ankie Mak (President–Elect, RCOHK) and Kelvin Mui (Past President, RCOHK).

Presentation Ceremony: Peter Lau (President, RCOHK) and Ellis Fu (Founder of J Life Foundation)

Sham Shui Po Community

Sani-Mist Germicidal Sanitation Service

August 2020

To counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rotary Club of Hong Kong (“RCOHK”) offered two full days free cleaning and sterilization to 60 subdivided units in Sham Shui Po on 17 August 2020 and 18 August 2020 from 9:30am to 5:00pm, allying with LBS Hygiene (“LBS”) and J life foundation Limited (Family Service Center) (“J Life”).

Kicking off at 9:15am at J Life Center at 380 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong, the Service was conducted along a route planned by J Life to the 60 subdivided units in Sham Shui Po.  The cleansing work was carried out by professionals from LBS Hygiene via germicidal-mist treatment which utilizes automated machines to spray vaporized hydrogen peroxide that sanitizes and permeates all space and surface and kills a variety of bacteria & virus.

“Everyone in Hong Kong is affected by the blow of COVID-19, the marginalized communities always suffer most.” said Peter Lau, President of RCOHK.  

On contrary to contributing available basic items like masks (which RCOHK distributed in the past service activities) and hand sanitizers, RCOHK resorted to a sanitation service.

P Peter Lau continued, “As soon as we learned that Rotary District 3450 provides a District Disaster Response Grant, we immediately applied for it in order to help more people, in particular the underprivileged at this difficult time. We all recognize the importance of hygiene and sanitization during COVID-19.”.

RCOHK expressed its gratitude to the full support of LBS Hygiene and J Life. LBS Hygiene is a professional cleaning service provider in Hong Kong, they offered this Service at a charitable price, while J Life played the prominent role of identifying, liaising, and registering the underprivileged families most in need.

”We are grateful that we have initiated this Service and are part of it to pull together all parties to this meaningful Service, of course, we are thankful to the contributions from our Rotarians and members of our Service Committee.” added P Peter.

Project Face Masks

April 2020 

With the generous support of PP Victor, we collected and did a second round of surgical face masks donations in April. This time the services committee came together and repacked most of the masks into small packs of 10 each to enable wider distribution. A total of 10,500 masks were donated to The Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Integrated Services Centre, the Cleaning Workers Union, the Christian Action Humanitarian Services and the New Home Association, covering underprivileged youths, street cleaners, ethnic minorities and new immigrants.

Giving Masks: Rotary Task 

29th February & 5th March 2020 

In line with the District’s call to support the community against the coronavirus epidemic, our Club donated supplies of medical face masks, haemostatic gauze and hand sanitizers to the Power Of Love Centaline Charity Fund (POLCCF) Dialysis Centre on 29th February and to The Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens on 5th March. 

The POLCCF Dialysis Centre treats patients with kidney problems that need regular purification of blood by dialysis. As the process cannot be stopped even during the epidemic, the patients need to leave their homes to come to the Centre for treatment. We hope the face masks will make their journey safer.

The Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre provides services to senior citizens aged over 60 years old in the community including a range of centre-based care and support services during daytime to enable frail and demented elders suffering from moderate or severe level of impairment to maintain their optimal level of functioning, develop their potential, improve their quality of life and to live in their own homes wherever feasible and possible.

UNESCO Peace Camp

16th November 2019 

Following up on a project from 2018, we participated in the Peace Camp with Hong Kong Youth. 

Rotary Career Connect

22nd October 2019

Rotaract and Interact Youth Meeting 

18th October 2019

We held our first Youth Meeting with the Rotaractor Club of HKU, the Rotaractor Club of HK, the Interact Club of St. Joseph’s College and the Interact Club of St. Paul’s College where we discussed their annual plans, co-operation among themselves and with their mother club, RCOHK. 

Donation of Used Furniture to Salvation Army

(September 2019)

When PP Kelvin Mui was made aware that a (un-named) corporate was intending to replace their 75 executive chairs, he liaised with the officer in-charge and convinced the Management to donate those chairs for community recirculating use, instead of trading off with the chair supplier. 

Eventually we were successfully granted the permission to donate those chairs to our long term partner, The Salvation Army, so that they could make use of it to get funding by selling to other people in need, to continually support the community. 

A total of 75 high quality and well condition executive chairs were collected for charity sales.

Medical Visits to the Elderly

(28th August 2019) 

Our Rotarian Dr. Ankie Mak continues our pledge to make healthcare visits and provide free doctor consultation to our senior friends in their Elderly Homes.

Career Talks

(30th April 2019)

PP Kelvin in career talk at Fukien Secondary School on 30 April 2019

Preserve Planet Earth Tree Repair Day 27th April 2019

P Donna leads our Rotaractors of HK and HKU during the District Tree Repair Day at Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

Youth Committee Meeting 29th March 2019

PP Kelvin and Youth Services Director Ankie at the Youth Committee Meeting with our Rotaract Clubs on 29th March 2019 at HKU, supporting and inspiring our second generation of Rotarians !

Project "Art Therapy Training - Learning to help dementia elders"

A joint project between Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Rotary Club of HKU: First Session on 27th February 2019

Sponsorship and Participation at the UNESCO 7th Peacemaker’s Cultural Celebration

23 - 24th February of 2019

Installation of Steel Rats and Mosquito Screens for

Medical Visits to Elder Care Home with

The Rotaract Club of HKU, 2019

Introducing Art Therapy for Dementia Elderly

Joint Project by the Rotaract Club of Hong Kong and The Salvation Army 11th January, 2019

Joint Club Service with Rotaract Club of HK

Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre on 17th November, 2018

"Start Up" Sharing

Rotaract Club HKU on 15th November, 2018

Youth Services

The 1st Youth Meeting of the Rotary Year 2018-19 held on 26th October at the University of Hong Kong with representatives from our six Rotaract and Interact Clubs and our Rtn. Priscilla, Ankie,Seishu, Thiru and Maurizio.  

RCOHK participates in UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre Leadership Program

Salvation Army Homeless Boys Culture Sharing 27th April, 2018 

    Follow up on Club’s Baby Trees dated 1st May, 2018

Drone Competition Day 17th April, 2018 ( join force with RCO Tai Po Toloharbour )

Salvation Army Elderly Day Centre Party 24th Feb, 2018

Supporting Hong Kong Disable Artists

Refurbishment of Salvation Army Elderly Day Care Centre

Work completed on 14th December 2017

HKU Rotaract CSR workshop on 17th November, 2017

Project "Run for Peace" on 10th September, 2017

Tree Planting on 20th August, 2017 – Total 256 Baby Trees

Rotaract Club HKU

Thinking Out of the Box for Business Opportunity Oct 2016

WWF - Coastal Watch - September 2016

Project "Good Food, Good Kitchen"

The HK Anglican Church Welfare Council for Underprivileged Families – April, 2016

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