President's Message (18 July 2014)

Post date: 06-Aug-2014 06:53:30


President's Message (18 July 2014)


The 84th year of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong started very well, with a full house of District Governors, present, past and future, District Officers, Current Presidents from Area 2 and a healthy turnout from our own Club! Including visiting Rotarians from Downtown Davao in the Philippines, and two visitors (Rotarians-soon-to-be). I welcomed and welcomed and welcomed our Assembly for over five minutes. DG Belinda Yeung shared a very generous speech with our club too.

At our Club Installation, PP Frankie Lam and Director Kelvin Mui did a great job introducing us to the Left-Behind-Children (LBC) project, and will follow up this Tuesday with a more in-depth discussion of their Mission and Performance. We also wholeheartedly welcome other fellow Rotarian supporters (including you) to come and learn more about LBC.

The new President of the Rotaract Club of the HKU Students' Union, Trista Li will also attend this coming Lunch assembly with a review of their past year and projections of future achievements.

All in all, this will be another fun-filled and inspirational lunch meeting - ALL welcome AND bring guests!!

Given the warm response from last week, there will be another choice of desserts this week. Please sign up as soon as possible online at , so we can reserve your place(s).

[No SERGEANT'S COLLECTION last week: but $3,670 collected by our three red boxes!]

Yours Ever in Rotary

Carl Yuen

Club President RY2014-2015