Honorary Members


Honorary Members Installation

17th November 2020


We installed two senior members as Honorary Members of our Club in recognition of their contributions to the Club and to the Hong Kong Society.

Rtn. Hu Fa Kuang GBM CBE JP has been a member of our Club since 1968. Over the years he has been a prominent figure in the Hong Kong society, holding high posts including chairman of the Transport Tribunal, the Financial Committee of the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Council for Recreation and Sports and member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong from 1979 – 1991. He was also founder of the highly successful Ryoden Group which introduced the Mitsubishi line of lifts and escalators to Hong Kong, laying the foundation for so many high-rise skyscrapers in the City.

 Mr Hu was represented by his son, CP Herman Hu of the Rotary Club of Admiralty, to receive the award.

PP Sandra Walters has been a member of our Club since 1994 and was our first female president in 2001 – 2002. She is an art professional with more has 35 years of gallery, museum and consultancy experience. She served on the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Art Centre and was the owner and director of two of Hong Kong’s premier art galleries. Using her wide network of international artists and suppliers, she has been instrumental in promoting artworks appreciation in Hong Kong.     

Honorary Members Month 

We were fortunate to have 2 of our Honorary Members to come to talk to us in November. Professor Samuel Leong, , co-founder of the UNESCO Glocal Peace Centre, spoke to us on the topic of “Glocalizing Culture for Peace on 5th November. To achieve global peace, we must start locally. A very timely reminder that we must keep peace within ourselves amid all the protesting in Hong Kong if we want the violence to eventually stop. 

He was followed by Mr. Henry Litton, former judge at the Court of Final Appeal, on the topic “Is the Hong Kong Community Mesmerized by Slogans?” on 19th November. Both speakers boosted our attendance. The lunch with Professor Leong had 4 tables and that with Mr. Henry Litton even had 8 tables, forcing us to change the venue to the Hong Kong Club as the Bankers Club could not give us enough space. 

A summary of their speeches can be read in the President’s Blog section on the Rotary Club of Hong Kong website (https://www.rcohk.org). 

The Red Box was the main beneficiary of the increase in attendance. Mr Litton even offered to match the collections in his event on a one top one basis (up to HK$6,000). We collected around HK$9,000 and therefore together with Mr. Litton’s donation, we raised HK$15,000 from the event for our charity services. 

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