Invitation to the 44th Rotaract Club, HKUSU, the University of Hong Kong Mentorship Programme 2013

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

You are cordially invited to be the mentor of our Rotaract Club of HKUSU.


· To provide guidance to members of Rotaract Club of HKUSU by experienced professionals

· To enhance and strengthen the relationships between Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Rotaract Club of HKUSU

· To expand the social circle of university students

Programme Duration: Three months (26 Oct 2013 to 31 Jan 2014)

Target Participants: Rotaract Club, HKUSU members

Target Mentors: 6 Rotarians Mentors with working experience related to Law, Business, Medicine, IT, Social Science (e.g. psychologist, journalist, social worker, public relations and careers with international exposure, etc.) or Arts (e.g. writers, translators, careers relating to language, etc.)

Language Medium: Cantonese, Mandarin and English (whatever the mentor prefers)

Time Commitment: A minimum of three gatherings of one hour each throughout the programme is recommended, and mentors may increase as he/she see fit.

Deadline for Registration as Mentor: 4 Oct 2013

Mentors are Cordially Invited to the Opening Ceremony:

Date: 26 Oct 2013

Time: 7:30pm (registration)

8:00pm (ceremony starts)

Venue: HKU Centennial Campus, Ground Floor, CPD- G 02

Details of the programme:

This mentorship program is designed to have six groups of five to six mentees, each led by a mentor from different work fields. Each group has a group leader as point person (nominated by the executive committee members of RAC HKUSU) to assist with scheduling meetings. RAC HKUSU will also appoint an executive committee member as supervisor to monitor progress.

Recommended Mentor-Mentee Activities

1. Sharing academic articles, journals or books

2. Attending professional conferences, seminars, workshops or short courses

3. Gathering over lunch/dinner/tea

4. Engaging in sport, recreational and cultural activities

5. Sharing of the mentor's professional career, job nature, interesting cases and company visit

6. Frequent contact via e-mail, telephone calls, SMS, MSN, Facebook, cards, etc.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Elaine Tong, Youth Service Committee Chair at: